Fun Night Out

It's Friday night after a long week and you decide you are going to meet a friend, Jamie, for Happy Hour at your favorite bar.  When you walk in you groan as you realize that not only is every seat at the bar taken but there are people 3 deep waiting to get a drink.  You and Jamie decide you are going to suck it up and stay.  After 20 minutes, it's finally your turn to order.  You have to repeat yourself several times at the top of your lungs so that the bartender can hear you.   When she hands you your drinks she spills one of them all over your jacket which you are sure she did on purpose.  Whatever.  You shake it off and you and Jamie are having a good time talking and watching a game neither of you really cares about on the TV.  You've finished your 2nd beverage and are thinking about heading out.  Jamie still has half a drink left so you decide to order one more.  Right about now some seats open up at the bar and without discussing it you both sit down.  Glancing at your half full cocktail Jamie orders another drink.  This out of sync ordering and drinking continues on for a bit.  All of sudden you have to go to the bathroom.  Like, right now.  You head back the hallway and realize the horrible miscalculation that you have made.  Based on the number of people waiting you should have gotten in line 10 minutes ago.  You do everything you can to take your mind off this urgent situation.  You look at your phone.  You squirm.  You talk to the person behind you.  Finally, it's your turn.  Now, this isn't the worst bar bathroom you've ever been in but still.... one toilet isn't working, the lock doesn't work on one and the third one has no toilet paper.  You manage to go about your business.  You quickly wash your hands and then dry them on your jeans because there aren't any paper towels.  You return to the bar to discover that Jamie has ordered another round and some wings for both of you.  The wings are hot and spicy.  The drinks go down quickly.  You finally decide it's time to head home.  You almost fall off your chair when you see your share of the bill.  You pay and say good night to Jamie.  As you are waiting for your Uber you start to think about how you should have just invited Jamie over to your place.  Maybe its time for your new favorite bar to become your new home bar.